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An automated parking system is capable of parking, transporting, storing and retrieving a plurality of vehicles. The system comprises a guiding system,a communication system, a tracking system, a transport system, a vertical transport facility transporter and a unoccupied parking space in a parking area. Automated Parking Systems eliminate much of the space wasted in traditional parking facilities by taking people out of the parking process and out of the parking area. An automatic mechanical system picks up cars and transports them to parking spaces. It reverses the process to return the cars to their drivers. This way APS utilize much smaller parking spaces and eliminate driving lanes, ramps, lifts, stairs, etc. The Automated Parking System also eliminates the need for people to be in the parking area.

OMTRFID LTD. provided the windshield tag with below specifications:

Item: Windshield Tag

Chip Type: Alien H3 (512bits user memory)

Size: 101*76*0.35mm

Protocol: 18000-6C

Frequency: 860~960MHz

User memory: 512bits

Material: Paper or PET

Operation Temp : PVC: -20 ~ 65℃; PET: -20~180℃

Guarantee period: 1 Year

Reading Range: 6~8 Meters after stick on window (Reader: P=5W, 12DBI)

Printing (optional): Printable with offset printing on both side.

Feature: with break line on surface- Anti-tear feature

Packaging By sheet, 1000PCS/carton, 5KGS/carton,

Carton size: 22*22*15CM


coated paper-------------0.15mm

RFID inlay------------------0.1mm

Realease paper----------0.15mm


Application: car parking lot

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