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A jewelry store’s inventory often includes many small, high-value items that can prove to be an inventory management challenge. A loss of even a few pieces each quarter could mean thousands of dollars in shrinkage affecting the bottom line. Many jewelry retailers conduct time consuming manual inventory counts each quarter. These labor-intensive processes are expensive, they leave room for human error and their infrequency can delay the replenishment of goods, resulting in lost sales.

More and more l jewelry retailers have turned to automated inventory systems that integrate RFID technology to conduct faster and more frequent inventory counts. These companies are benefiting from drastic reductions in labor costs and shrinkage that can result in a fast recuperation of the costs from the initial system deployment. While improved inventory management may be what draws a jeweler to RFID, there are many additional benefits to automated inventory systems that can be leveraged to improve the sales process or offer additional services to customers.

OMRRFID Provided UHF Jewellery Tag is one of the smallest tag in the UHF Family and also most economic Jewellery tag suitable for any small objects tagging. This tag is designed to deliver high performance in the most challenging environments, which used for jewellery stock taking, point of sales along with item level tagging. 

Below is the specification.

Item: UHF Jewellery Tag

Chip Alien H3

Size 60*15MM(unfold)/ 30*15MM(fold) with tail length of 60mm

Protocol 18000-6C

Frequency 860~960MHz

User memory: 512bits

Material Paper/ PVC/ PET

Antenna Material Aluminum etching

Guarantee Period 1 Year

Functionality Read and Write

Operation Termp (-25℃) ~ (+65℃)

Reading Range 2Meters(Reader:5W,12DBI)

Other crafts: offset printing logo, barcode, printed numbers,etc

Remark As the special design, the jewellery tag is NOT prevent tore

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