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Technical Characteristics of RFID Electronic Tags



RFID Paper Sticker Manufacturer believes that the technical characteristics of RFID electronic tags have the following:

1. The identification of RFID electronic tags does not require a direct connection.

2. RFID electronic tags can be repeatedly read and written and reused.

3. RFID tags are extremely durable and adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

4. The RFID reader can read hundreds of electronic tags in one second.

RFID Hard Tag

5. The data in the RFID electronic tag is encrypted and can be locked, and the security performance is very high.

6. RFID tags can store more data relative to bar code labels or barcodes.

7. The RFID Hard Tag can be printed with personalized information such as instructions, barcodes or company names.

8. The RFID system can be embedded as a subsystem in the company's legacy system or other internal systems.

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