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How Does the RFID Tag Enter Information?



How to write information to rfid tags? At present, some consumers have such confusion, and the current rfid label is very widely used. For example, how to use the RFID tag in the RFID tag to ensure that the information in the tag is true. If the information entered is false, is the information that the final consumer sees is not true? Regarding the above questions, today RFID Paper Sticker Manufacturer will share with you how to enter information on rfid tags.

For example, the RFID supply chain system involves the application of logistics and other aspects, and does not involve the functional requirements of anti-smuggling goods. It is only necessary to use the EPC code writing and TID reading of the RFID electronic tag. When the label is initialized, the clothing code needs to be called from the ERP system, and the unique code of the generated label is written into the EPC storage area, and the TID number of the RFID Smart Label Custom is used as the sole judgment to enhance the system reliability and robustness. In general, the RFID writing device completes the performance of a tag from reading the bar code to writing to the check tag in only 3 seconds.

Electric Seal Tag

Electric Seal Tag

The basic function of the RFID tag reader/writer is to contactlessly read data information in the RFID tag. From a functional point of view, a device that simply implements contactless reading of RFID tag information is called an RFID reader, a reading device, a scanner, and the like.

Devices that simply write information into the Electric Seal Tag memory are called programmers, writers, etc., and devices that have contactless reading and writing of RFID tag memory information are called RFID readers, communicators, and the like.

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