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Why buy an rfid door lock



Why Buy an RFID Door Lock?

RFID technology helps people save time, have fun and even stay safe. Short for Radio Frequency Identification, RFID enables small computer chips to communicate with RFID readers. Manufacturers put this technology to good use in the safety industry by creating high-tech, keyless, RFID door locks you can add to your home or business.

RFID Overview

A complete RFID system consists of several components. The most important one is the RFID tag that contains information. Special RFID readers have the ability to read the information in these tags and perform certain tasks. A library might use RFID readers to scan books while an amusement park might give patrons scannable RFID bracelets that patrons use instead of paper tickets. Some readers have the ability to change the information that resides in tags. RFID tags vary in price depending on size, range and other features.

RFID Locks

The 1980s introduced people to RFID when car makers made keyless entry systems available on their vehicles. Modern RFID locks, often found in business and hotels, help make those organizations more secure. For instance, employees may have to use RFID cards or RFID wristbands to get into their buildings. When employees enter a building, RFID readers can capture that information, verify the person's identity and store it in a database. Many people may find it more convenient to carry small RFID cards than regular keys.

Cost and Maintenance

Precision Dynamics Corporation, a company that specializes in patient ID solutions, cites RFID door locks as a "cost-effective alternative to other door lock choices." Even if you have no need to worry about security, you can still use RFID locks that can record the IDs of people that enter rooms and the time that they spend there. Employers, for instance, might want to log this type of data. If you currently use locks that open with card keys that have magnetic strips, you can replace them with RFID locks that require less maintenance.


While RFID locks can identify the person who uses a card or wristband to open a door, it cannot determine if other people entered with the person. If security is a concern, you'll need to add a security camera or other tools to your security system. You don't have to own a hotel or ski resort to add RFID locks to doors. The smart-home informational website Automated Home, for instance, describes a residential RFID lock that lets a home owner tap an RFID cards to the door's reader to open the door. However, if you don’t need to track the people who enter your home, you may wish to save money by sticking with regular locks.

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