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6 Advantages of RFID Electronic Tags!



As a China RFID Tags Factory, let's share with you the 6 advantages of RFID tags! Let's take a look together.

1. Achieve fast scanning

The RFID electronic tag identification is accurate, the recognition distance is flexible, and multiple tags can be recognized and read at the same time. The RFID tag can perform penetrating communication and barrierless reading without any object coverage.

2. The data has a large memory capacity

The maximum capacity of RFID tags is MegaBytes. The amount of information and information that future objects need to carry will continue to increase, and the data capacity of memory carriers will continue to expand according to the corresponding needs of the market, and is currently in a stable and upward trend. The outlook is very impressive.

RFID Hard Tag

3. Anti-pollution ability and durability

RFID Hard Tag is highly resistant to substances such as water, oil and chemicals. In addition, the RFID tag stores data in the chip, so it can effectively avoid damage and cause data loss.

4. Can be reused

The RFID electronic tag has the function of repeatedly adding, modifying, and deleting data stored in the RFID tag to facilitate the replacement and update of information.

5. Small size and diverse shape

RFID electronic tags are not limited by shape or size, so there is no need to match the fixing and printing quality of the paper for reading accuracy. In addition, RFID Paper Sticker is also being developed for miniaturization and diversification to suit more different products.

6. Security

The RFID electronic tag carries electronic information, and the data content is protected by a password, and the security is extremely strong, and the content is not easily forged, altered, stolen, and the like.

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