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Toll collection system means the vehicle through the toll station, to achieve the vehicle identification device through the car, information is written (entrance) and automatically deducted from the IC card or bank account pre-bound funds (exports), is an internationally are working to develop and popularize the electronic toll collection system for roads, bridges and tunnels. Using this system, the owner as long as the window is installed and stored proximity card fees, they do not pay through the toll station manually, and without parking, high-speed toll is automatically deducted from the card. Although able to achieve no parking, but in general, the vehicle still needs to pass a slower speed. This charging system takes less than two seconds per vehicle fee, the fee channel capacity is 5-10 times. Toll Collection System (Electronic Toll Collection, ETC) is the intelligent transportation system is an important application areas and sectors. Dedicated Short Range Communication via microwave vehicle electronic tag and the toll station ETC lanes installed on the vehicle windshield on the use of computer networking technology and banking system back the settlement process, so as to achieve the vehicle does not need to stop by the road and bridge toll station will be able to complete the passage the purpose of payment of fees. By means of toll collection technology can improve the capacity to the road, the vehicle operating efficiency when reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear, fewer emissions, that of be save energy and protected the environment play a role.

OMTRFID Ltd provided the ETC cards with below specification:

Name:Smart Card



Antenna size:75x45mm


Chip:Mifare s50




ISO: ISO7816

Printable:both silk printing and offset printing

Featured:Water-proof, stand high temperature

Working temp: -20~120 degrees

Othercrafts: thermal printed numbers, signature panel, etc.

Packing: packing into opp bags, 200pcs/inner box, 10boxes/carton;

Box’s size:21x9x6mm, Carton’s size:50x25x21cm

Net/gross weight:13/13.3 per carton

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