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Radio frequency identification technology may pop up in conversations about Orwellian societies or aluminum-foiled wallets, but it's also a part of relevant discussion among ranchers, farmers and government agencies.

RFID cattle management system is a better way to identify and track cattle would help in epidemic cases of disease among cattle. Others liked the idea of RFID technology in order to fight against 21st century cattle rustlers, who sometimes steal cattle, manipulate the branding marks on the cattle to make it seem that the stolen cattle were theirs, and then sell the cattle.


RFID technology can help the fight against cattle thieves since information stored in the RFID chip reveals the true owner of the cattle, in spite of all manipulative attempts made by rustlers. RFID does more than track rustled cattle. In cases of pestilence among cattle, ranchers can look up all the history attached to infected livestock and determine what other animals might be infected, and then better track and quarantine those animals. In order to access the information stored on the implanted or tagged RFID device, owners use a reader that receives the signal emitted by the RFID chip. Additionally, by using a similar method dairy farmers have used RFID to better track the milk production of individual dairy cows.


RFID technology should not be confused with barcode technology, which has been used to track cattle in some European countries. A barcode tag is attached to the cattle's bodies, in a way similar to some RFID tags, for example on the ears. The downside of barcode technology is that the code can be obscured by the dirt and mud cattle may well encounter, and a muddy barcode isn't easily read by a barcode scanner.

OMTRFID Ltd provided the cattle tag with below specifications:

Product name: Cattle ear tag

Size: 90mm x 70mm and 70mm x 65mm

Material: ABS

Working temp: -30℃~+65℃

Weight per pieces: 14.8g and 13.2g

Packing: 200pcs/box,6boxes/carton and 200pcs

net/gloss weight: 17.7kg/18.7kg 和 15.8kg/16.8kg

Carton size: 41.5*34*24cm 和41.5*34*24cm

Chip: Impinj M4 ALIEN H3


Memory 512 Bits

Feattured: read and write

Frequency: 860~960MHz .

Using time 10years

Read times: 100,000

Read distance 2-3m

Ps: Can customize the size, available for printing, laser numbers, barcode crafts.

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