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A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application, designed to support warehouse or distribution center management and staff. They facilitate management in their daily planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling the utilization of available resources, to move and store materials into, within, and out of a warehouse, while supporting staff in the performance of material movement and storage in and around a warehouse.

Warehouse management systems have the capability to partner with staff in performing the detail processes required to handle all of the major and many minor warehouse tasks of receiving, inspection and acceptance, put-away, internal replenishment to picking positions, picking, packing, order assembly on the shipping dock, documentation, and shipping (loading onto carrier vehicles); processes including directing and validating each step, capturing and recording all inventory movement and status changes to the data file.

An implemented WMS will be supported with a variety of communications technologies (radio frequency), automatic ID technologies (Bar code, RFID, etc.), mobile computers, and occasionally with automated material handling (conveyors and sortation) and storage equipment (carousels, automatic storage and retrieval, etc.), that may be processed within the WMS and sent to the business host computer in support of financial transactions, Advance Ship Notice to customers, purchasing and inventory management, etc.

OMTRFID Provided UHF paper label applicated in warehouse management, the details as below:

Item: smart label

Label size: 40x40mm

Antenna size: 30x30mm

Chip type: UHF AlienH3

Frequency: 860~960Mhz

Protocol: ISO 18000-6C

User Memory: 512bits

Thickness: 0.30mm

Antenna material: Aluminum etched.

Substrate Material: PET

Technics: Flipchip+Aluminum etching.

Printable: offset/silk printed logo

Featured: read and write

Read distance: 3-5m depends on reader

Working temp: -25~+75 degrees

Other crafts: barcode, injet printed numbers

Product Frame:

--------------Coated paper 0.08mm

--------------Antenna 0.03mm

--------------Adhesive 0.1mm

--------------Release paper 0.1mm

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